Water Feature Problems and Solutions


water feature problem
water feature problem

Any outdoor water feature is left out to experience the elements, and therefore might develop problems as time goes on. These problems stem from the normal wear and tear of just being outside, or simpler issues like lack of maintenance and improper installation.

Turning a blind eye to these problems is a mistake your water feature might not come back from, since the longer you wait to address an issue, the further it progresses. Any problem left unaddressed can majorly impact your water feature’s health and well being.

Below are a handful of common water feature problems and our solutions to them.

Low Pond Edges

As time goes on, ponds have a tendency to settle which causes leaks. Pond edges are more likely to settle along the stream of water, so its a good starting place to carefully examine this area. Some clear signs that this is your problem look like wet mulch and gravel, or puddles of water around the outside edges that aren’t supposed to be there according to your pond design.

You can easily fix this issue by adding rocks and pebbles with smooth edges that will help fortify your pond edges and help your pond blend seamlessly into the surrounding area. You could also use aquatic plants to create a look that upgrades your outdoor space, or even have a concrete edge installed to give your pond a tidy edge that gives a more structured and neat look to your pond and outdoor space.

Water Feature Problem– Leaks

Leaks cause more water to leave your pond at a faster rate than normal, meaning that you’ll likely have to refill it more often, which is frustrating and mildly inconvenient. Pond leaks are caused by a hole or tear in the liner of your pond, and that means you’ll have to get it repaired by a certified pond contractor like us as soon as possible! In dire cases, you might even have to replace the pond lining.

Sometimes in the summer when the heat and humidity start causing evaporation, its hard to tell whether Mother Nature or your pond lining is to blame. You can tell if its evaporation or a leak by paying attention to the rate at which water is leaving your pond, since evaporation happens gradually over a longer period of time, but a leak will occur over a much shorter period.

Try filling up your pond and measuring the starting level, then check the next morning to see how its doing. If the water level went down by more than two inches, you’re dealing with a leak and should get Aqua Landscapes on the line as soon as possible!

Clogged Filters

Pond filters get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris that its filtering out of your pond like leaves and twigs. If your fish seems sick, your water has an unpleasant aroma or its murkier than usual, its likely your filter is clogged and needs some cleaning.

To clean a clogged filter, remove the pump, basket, check valve, mat and any other part in the filter. We recommend a power washer to clean the parts that can withstand high-water pressure to really get all the gunk out. Pull out any other chunks of debris with your hand, and clean the rest of the filter with your garden hose. Once everything is fresh and clean, put it back together and enjoy your pond once again!

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