Five Pond Upgrades


Pond Upgrades
Pond Upgrades

There’s no doubt that your pond is already stunning, but what if it could be just a little bit better? Below are five excellent pond upgrades to make an already great pond even better!

Koi and Pond Fish

The natural look of flowers blooming across the surface of water is a sight everyone enjoys! To achieve this gorgeous scene, consider planting water lilies in your pond. Water lilies can help with the overall health of your pond, and the variety of colors will turn your pond into a brilliant work of art right in your backyard. Yellow water lilies are a popular choice as they compliment other colors of flowers nicely for a cohesive garden color pallet. There are many colors of water lilies to choose from, so pick the one that best suits your taste and the aesthetic of your pond!

When people think of ponds, they often think of fish! Adding fish to your pond helps manage the pond’s ecosystem and they even add some color to the space. Koi fish are a lovely option to add natural beauty to a pond as well as color and movement. They elevate the aesthetic of your pond by looking marvelous, and creating a spectacle adults and kids alike will enjoy seeing! 


Rocks are a crucial part of pond upgrades! They not only offer a more natural look for ponds, but they provide 12x the surface area for beneficial organisms that help enhance your pond’s ecosystem. The organisms that rocks attract compete with algae, helping to keep your pond clean and clear from all of the unwanted green growth. Rocks are incredibly variable, which means  you have tons of options to choose from! Whether they will be placed in or out of water, rocks are a fantastic way to change or improve the look of your pond. 

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are a fine option for many ponds. They help add natural splendor and beauty, with a splash of color by growing in and around ponds. You can pick and choose plants based on a desired aesthetic to make your pond look more wild or to create a more uniform look, depending on your preference. Regardless of your pond’s established style, there’s a combination of aquatic plants out there to compliment it perfectly.

Waterfall or Fountain

Waterfalls are for everyone! Regardless of your pond size or the amount of outdoor space you have, adding a waterfall or fountain will upgrade the look of your pond. Waterfalls not only look beautiful, they also have some pretty cool health benefits! They help create a sense of calm which relaxes the mind, and they encourage you to spend some time outside which makes everyone feel better! A waterfall or fountain can provide a soothing atmosphere whether you need a break from the hustle and bustle of work, or you just want some quiet time.

These are our suggestions for an easy pond upgrade, but use a combination of the choices above for a beautifully upgraded pond you’re sure to love even more. Aqua Landscapes is certified in all of the areas listed above, and we would be happy to provide assistance to come up with a personalized solution that makes the most of your space.

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